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By on 10.18.10 | 2:44PM

Pardon a bit of shameless self-promo in the usually disinterested cyber pages of The American Spectator, dear reader, but I have a new website that you should visit, bookmark, and read regularly. Actually, make that Two Websites.

The first site is called Real Clear Religion. Here's the link. It's a sister site to Real Clear Politics, the daily cheat sheet for politicos and political junkies everywhere. I'm the editor. We aim to make it an indispensable read for all English language readers with an interest in religion.

That should be all of you but some people prefer to read about, say, science. No problem! We've got you covered, too. Real Clear Science is edited by Alex Berezow, an up-and-coming journalist with a Ph.D. in microbiology, with an assist from yours truly.

Both sites launch today, so what are you waiting for?

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