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An Example of Green Priorities

By on 10.15.10 | 11:40AM

You may have received some variant of this series of photos in the email lately.

These represent a harvest of sea turtle eggs, purely legal where it is occurring (Costa Rica). Great. I'm not about to tell people what they can and cannot eat. I recall when the initial, purely instinctive horror appeared on my face after learning how Icelandics ate those charismatic Puffins to survive, why...the Icelandic I was speaking with turned on me with the same cold-eyed realism as you should deliver to anyone who tells you that locals should not be able to manage their resources.

Ahem. Leading us to the problem I have with the turtle issue: the greens tout the sea turtles as endangered by man-made global warming, as ostensible evidence in their campaign to make certain of your activities illegal. Like managing our own energy resources. They prefer to dictate what resources you can extract and consume and how and how you may consume them and in what quantities to drive our richest, no-longer-freest but still mostly free society which, being rich and free, pays an absolute fortune for environmental protection. But you don't qualify as any form of preferred 'indigenous person' with lifestyles that must be protected. Quite the contrary, in fact.

So, before you greens try and restructure our economy, and harm all of those Americans in the process, and thereby incidentally also creating an economy in which environmental protection is a far lesser priority as always happens with poverty, why don't you try a few more direct approaches to ensuring the health of charismatic species you support?

My SUV safely transporting my family has a far lesser impact on these species -- even accepting each and all of the global warming alarmist premises which suffer so poorly under scrutiny -- than certain other behaviors. But, of course, I don't expect a ‘community' that supports e.g., the Obama administration's war to stop Appalachian coal-mining in the name of a Mayfly to see things much as I do.

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