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Shoveling something…

By on 10.13.10 | 9:04PM

So, on the heels of President Obama's confession session with the New York Times, hanging his erstwhile acolytes ('stimulus' supporters) out to dry by admitting -- after dozens of incantations about 'shovel-ready projects' to justify swiping nearly a trillion dollars of taxpayer money (debt) -- that "there's no such thing as" those "shovel-ready projects" allegedly warranting the vote...that they were just props for a talking point to make wealth transfers and central planning sound better...please indulge a modest proposal:

Mr. President, now that you also learned to stop citing  those bankrupt European countries and other policy belly-floppers as your models of success for the 'green economy' you hope to centrally plan, isn't this a good time to admit the truth about your 'green jobs' schemes, too?

So we don't spend another trillion dollars before hearing of yet another learning experience?"

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