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Is There Anybody Obama’s Not Related To?

By on 10.13.10 | 9:54AM

God bless the Mormons for their genealogical obsession. It's the gift that keeps on giving. During the campaign, we found out from wife Lynne that Barack Obama was distantly related to Dick Cheney, and now this, from the AP:

A genealogist at the Utah-based, Anastasia Tyler, said Obama and [Sarah] Palin are 10th cousins through a common ancestor named John Smith, a pastor and early settler in 17th-century Massachusetts. Obama is related to Smith through his mother, as is Palin, Tyler said.

You know who else the president is related to? Rush Limbaugh!

As for Limbaugh, he's also a 10th cousin of the president — one time removed — through a common ancestor named Richmond Terrell, who Tyler said was a large landowner in Virginia, also in the 17th century.

Those genealogical geniuses also found that Obama is related to Warren Buffett and Brad Pitt, George W. Bush is related to Obama and Palin, and Palin is related to Harry Reid and Ann Coulter "through John Lathrop, who was exiled to the United States from England for being a pastor of an illegal independent church."

None of this should be too surprising. In the Christian understanding, if you go back far enough, we all share common ancestors. You could almost say that we're One Big Happy Family:

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