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More Reasons Not to Be Overconfident

By on 10.7.10 | 5:22PM

From the left, Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake -- very liberal, but very very smart; my favorite liberal blogger -- explains 10 reasons Dems may not be doomed. And at The American Thinker and also at Red State, Ed Lasky and "LaborUnionReport" respectively echo and further develop my theme from this morning about the coming wave of attempted vote fraud. And at Pajamas Media, the indispensable J. Christian Adams updates us on the ongoing disenfranchisement of military voters. Finally, the AP reports on the coming wave of legal battles that could block official results long apst Election Day. Uh.... and guess who will have an edge in those battles? The folks who run the Justice Department. Scary, huh? The good news for conservatives is that, according to AP, the RNC really is lawyering up, as well it should. This could get very, very ugly. And it could provide exactly the sort of crisis that Barack Obama and fellow Alinskyites like to create, because in a crisis, he figures he can seize more power by claiming to be restoring order.

The only way to inoculate the body politic against all this is for conservatives to win elections by big margins, not small ones. Otherwise, a discouraging spectacle of crisis politics might commence.

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