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Wasted Aid

By on 10.6.10 | 10:10PM

Josh Rogin of Foreign Policy reports:

The United States may be the largest donor of foreign assistance in the world, but it ranks among the lowest in terms of the quality and effectiveness of its aid, according to a new report.

The Center for Global Development (CGD), in cooperation with the Brookings Institution, released its "Quality of ODA Assessment" report Tuesday, which assesses the aid provided to 23 countries by more than 150 aid countries to determine how much value they are getting for their foreign aid money...

The study looked at 30 separate, measurable indicators and evaluated them in terms of four dimensions: maximizing efficiency (how smartly the money is distributed), fostering institutions (whether the money is helping host governments), reducing the burden on recipient countries (how much the host countries need to do to get the money), and transparency and learning (how much we know about how the aid is being spent).

You can use this interactive page to compare various aid countries' scores along those four dimensions; the US is below average on all of them.

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