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GOP Ad: Keep Joe Manchin in West Virginia

By on 10.5.10 | 11:06AM

West Virginia has turned into one of the most interesting Senate races in the country. When the popular governor, Joe Manchin, decided to seek the seat that deceased Robert Byrd held for more than a half a century, he was viewed as a heavy favorite. But the problem for him is that President Obama and the Democratic agenda is so overwhelmingly unopoular in the state, that it's dragging him down.

A new Fox poll released today shows Manchin's Republican oponent John Raese with a 48 percent to 43 percent lead -- even though Manchin enjoys a 66 percent approval rating. In West Virginia, just 29 percent approve of Obama, and 63 percent support repeal of ObamaCare, which Manchin supported.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has responded to this sentiment with a new ad delivering the message that voters should keep him in West Virginia as governor, because in Washington, he'll just help pass Obama's agenda.

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