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Riveting Radio: Levin Versus Allred

By on 10.1.10 | 11:27AM

This is riveting radio.

Gloria Allred, the attorney at the center of the Meg Whitman housekeeper controversy that is roiling the California gubernatorial race between Whitman and Attorney General and ex-Governor Jerry Brown, made the mistake of going on Mark Levin's radio show yesterday. Levin, of course, is a considerable legal beagle himself as head of the Landmark Legal Foundation and, among his Reagan administration posts, chief of staff to the U.S. Attorney General.

The exchange is revealing of just how politicized this sudden revelation is. Allred, faced with the kind of grilling she likes to dish, does not do well under Levin's relentless lawyerly focus. Talk about baloney meeting the grinder!

Not mentioned in this exchange is something discovered here.

Allred is hardly just an attorney with a client popping up strangely in the middle of a hot governor's race. According to the Federal Election Commission, she has contributed just shy of $10,000 in federal campaign contributions to every Democrat running for something at the federal level from Barbara Boxer to John Kerry to Hillary Clinton to Dianne Feinstein to Barack Obama. She has also given money to the California Democratic Party -- the latter, of course, which has nominated Jerry Brown to run against -- surprise! -- Meg Whitman! 

You don't say! WHAT a coincidence! When challenged about any connections to Brown she gives a distinctly lawyerly answer.

Levin let's her get away with exactly none of this, and does it with a lawyer's sense of the real game in play. Here's the link.

Get the popcorn. 

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