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Just How Low Can Big Green Go?

By on 10.1.10 | 9:55AM

How much worse we could possibly see from the industry premised on fear -- and, as I pointed out in detail in Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud and Deception to Keep You Misinformed, particularly on terrorizing children to affect a statist lifestyle agenda -- is beyond me after getting a load of the latest entry by Team Alarmism. h/t Anthony Watts 

[Anthony sent this around last night, but I've only now moved to post about it, and I now see they've taken the offending video down. Possibly in a belated fit of conscience. Or, more likely, seeing it was on its way to backfiring.]

It is [was] very graphic, showing a young person doing what the greens' minds seem to have already done: explode.

As I have asked before, about all that I put forward in RHL, is this a sign of a campaign that believes, somehow, it is winning? Is it a sign of a campaign that believes it even can win, on the merits? Of course not.

[Update: Here's the video -- J.L.] 

UPDATE II: Yep, it was the backfiring part that did it, according to an email they sent to a reader, forwarded to me, which I would quote in pertinent part but my Outlook has just decided to stay down. The upshot was that oddly not everyone got what they intended to be "very funny" (no; but my quip that maybe they had a pang of conscience was, clearly). Here is the Telegraph's James Delingpole on these slime and their project.

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