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Harvard Pilgrim Customers to Lose Current Coverage Due to ObamaCare

By on 9.28.10 | 5:02PM

Add 22,000 New Englanders to the list of Americans who will lose their current health care coverage as a result of ObamaCare.

The Boston Globe reports that Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has announced plans to discontinue its Medicare Advantage policies due to new requirements and lower reimbursement rates imposed by the new health care law.

The news is consistent with what Obnacare's critics were saying during the health care debate, and further undermines a key promise from supporters of the legislation -- that those who like their current coveraage could keep it.

Customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine who wish to remain with Harvard Pilgrim will now have the option of enrolling in a more expensive Medicare supplemental plan.

All along, I've criticized Republicans for focusing too much to the Medicare cuts in ObamaCare, but at the same time, it's simply untrue for supporters of the law to argue that senior citizens won't lose current coverage.

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