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Deval Patrick In Trouble

By on 9.27.10 | 2:58PM

For months, it looked like unpopular Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick would buck the tide that swept in Scott Brown because the center-right vote was split between Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat-turned-independent state Treasurer Tim Cahill. But a new poll shows Baker catching up with Patrick and Cahill becoming less of a liability for the GOP.

The poll released Sunday was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center for The Boston Globe. Among likely voters, Patrick has 35 percent support and Baker has 34 percent. The difference is well within the poll's margin of error.

The survey suggests the independent candidate, Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill, is pulling voters equally from Baker and Patrick, but is still only gathering 11 percent of likely voters.

The numbers also show a huge enthusiasm gap, with 78 percent of Republicans excited about the race compared to only 37 percent of Democrats.

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