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Black Panthers; Black Days at DoJ

By on 9.26.10 | 10:53AM

In the past week, records have been released showing major Obama team political involvement with dismissing the voter intimidation case against entities of the New Black Panther Party; a lawsuit has been filed to pursue leads of possible White House involvement; the violent felony records of the two most involved Panthers has been unearthed; and, biggest of all, a respected former ACLU attorney swore under oath that all the earlier reporting was true, namely that the OBama DoJ is hostile to race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws.

And more is coming.

Read here and here and here and here.And the Washington Post woke up and put it on page one above the fold.

And members of the New Black Panther Party were busy in New York this week, dining with Iranian goofball Ahmadinejad.

Finally, all of this puts the spotlight on Civil RIghts Commissioner Abigail Thernstrom. She has repeatedly said that if Mr. Coates or others provided evidence of such a broad pattern of hostility, she would agree the situation would be of major importance. Well, now the evidence is overwhelming. Ms. Thernstrom therefore has a duty to act, by publicly demanding a major change at Justice.

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