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Rove and O’Donnell: Round Two

By on 9.24.10 | 1:56PM

Over at the Wall Street Journal the always plugged-in Fred Barnes has written an interesting piece. Very interesting. Titled "Inside the Republican Money Machine," Barnes reveals the inside scoop on the money raising of Republican-leaning independent groups.

What's so interesting?

 Barnes relates the Big Bucks raised by Karl Rove and ex-Bush aide and RNC Chair Ed Gillespie with their group American Crossroads. He talks of surges of needed cash sent to places like Nevada for Sharron Angle or Ohio for Rob Portman or Missouri for Roy Blunt. Another group is mentioned for sending money to finance television commercials against the New Hampshire Senate nominee of the Democrats, Paul Hodes.

All well and good.

But considering all the… ahhhh… controversy over the Delaware Senate race between Christine O'Donnell and the Castle-supporting Rove, the absence of any mention whatsoever about money being sent from the Rove group to O'Donnell is curious.

Fred Barnes is a superb Washington reporter. He never misses a trick. Which means? Which means either that he missed the opportunity to tell readers of Rove's contributions to help O'Donnell -- or that Fred Barnes missed no opportunity at all. Because there is in fact no money going from American Crossroads to O'Donnell.

If the latter really is true, then Mr. Rove apparently has yet to understand that the title of his group is taken even more seriously by millions of Americans than he can imagine.

What's up? Are Rove and company helping O'Donnell -- or not?

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