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Traditional Values, Presented Untraditionally

By on 9.22.10 | 3:11PM

There are very few traditional values organizations I am aware of that view issues of taxes, spending and clean, accountable government as equally important to be addressed as the social issues. Even less so are there ones that deliver their messages effectively and entertainingly. One of those few is Minnesota Majority, which in the past has weighed in on other topics -- such as global warming and transportation funding -- that are not considered a fit for most traditional values groups. They created some of the best ads on the climate scam in my opinion, which unfortunately few others saw. Where do these Minnesotans get their talent and sense of humor?

Now Minnesota Majority has introduced their latest initiative, called, with an edgy video that would make Don Wildmon and Pat Robertson blush. Beware of fleeting profanity and booty:

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