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Mourning in America Ad Hits YouTube

By on 9.21.10 | 5:21PM

In a stunning new ad from the Citizens for the Republic, the organization first established by Ronald Reagan and now run by Reaganites, there is a twist to the famous 1984 Reagan re-election ad "Morning in America."

The original ad, found here, took the political community and voters by storm when it first aired as Reagan faced off against Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter's vice president. It summarized in seconds where America once was in the dismal Carter years and where, after four years of Reagan, it had begun to head. America, dispirited, broke and humiliated abroad in 1980 -- was well on its way back. Happy Days were here again. Carter's vice president carried but one state -- his own Minnesota. And even that was close.

In 2010 the situation is exactly the reverse. After a mere two years of the Obama Era, Americans are once again dispirited, broke, humiliated and angry to boot. So the smart folks over at the Citizens of the Republic have smartly put together a new ad telling the once-happy tale in its modern form -- the Carter years now the Obama Era

Take a look here.

Said CFTR's Executive Vice President Bill Pascoe: "Unlike the Reagan ad about a bright future under his leadership, this new ad is about failed leadership, about a government growing out of control, about a government taking away our ability to make important choices. It's about an America that's suffering because of the failed policies and failed leadership of President Obama -- and reminding Americans that they can change that with their vote on November 2."

Somewhere Ronald Reagan is smiling.

Hat tip to the folks at Shirley & Banister.

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