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Democrat Fund-Raising E-Mail: ‘Take Our Country Back’ From ‘Teabaggers’

By on 9.19.10 | 1:39PM

A major Democratic Party activist group has denounced "Teabaggers" as "racist" and "extremists" in a fundraising e-mail.

"Have you watched cable news lately? The Tea Baggers are everywhere!" begins the fundraising appeal sent Sunday morning by Arshad Hasan, executive director of Democracy for America (DFA). "The Tea Party is news because they've won a few upset primaries -- but let's be honest -- that's not the only reason they're getting wall-to-wall coverage. Honestly, that weirdly racist tinge makes for good TV. Bizarre, wide-eyed accusations of the President and hilariously misspelled signs demanding an English-only country will drive up news ratings. . . . People should know about these extremists."

Asking Democrats to help "take our country back," Hasan wrote: "Contribute $10 today and beat the Tea Baggers in November. Come November 3, the only reason the Tea Party should be on TV is for losing a lot of elections."

Founded in 2004 by former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean after his unsuccessful Democratic presidential primary campaign, DFA is chaired by Dean's brother Jim and boasts more than 1 million members. DFA has been a major sponsor of liberal bloggers, funding scholarships for dozens of "online activists" to attend this year's Netroots Nation conference.

The DFA political action committee has spent more than $5.6 million during the current election cycle.

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