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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

By on 9.19.10 | 10:34AM

Who's the moonbattiest of them all?

How is it that the Left is so tone-deaf to the perils of making politics a finger-pointing contest in crazy? Surely this represents some dissonance, and not that they think all of those loopy -isms to which their base adheres aren't swell. That's like their making ethics or Mark Foley an issue for Heaven's sake. Hey, with a helpful press, just might be, ahem, crazy enough to work.

Yet here we go again with the Left (and some useful idiots) needing brown paper bags to get the breathing back in order after acting out their opposition to a political candidate -- say, one they seem petrified of for some reason, like Christine O'Donnell -- on the basis of the candidate having dabbled in or associated with adherents of rather exotic belief systems. Aha, she rubbed elbows with Wiccanism!, the Wiccans' preferred political party shrieked in horror.

Marxism? Idon'thearyounahnahnah. Reeeeaallllly putting the 'mental' in environmentalist? BlahblahblahblahlookoverthereIseeO'Donnellshe'snuts!blahblahblah.

Kidding, right? This isn't just some attempt to distract from their Messiah having spent twenty years not listening to the completely, hatefully unhinged sermonizing of the man he also asked to marry him and his wife? Haters! they shout.

That Obama's exceptional choices throughout life are to be ignored is just an exception? Like Coons, et al.? Again, take this quiz. See how you do. These people still follow some sort of oddball like Al Gore around touting his wisdom as that of some sort of seer. Read those rantings of a fully grown man who they had no problem placing a heartbeat away from the presidency, then promoting for the presidency, to whom they now turn for spiritual and policy healing.

Guys, I'm asking a lot here, but see if we can drag even some trace element of perspective into your repertoire.

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