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Wisdom from M.K. Ham

By on 9.17.10 | 6:08PM

Mary Katharine Ham is no shrinking violet and no "squish." She's a solid conservative. Her words here, calling for understanding among conservatives re Christine O'Donnell, are well worth reading.

Her thesis is captured concisely here:

There's a real struggle going on between some of the establishment, which is skeptical of Tea Partiers, and the grassroots. But skepticism in one race over one candidate does not an "establishment sell-out" make.

Learn it, people. Learn it. Learn it. Mary Katharine said it with much more dignity than I have, but it's the point I was making all along. Just because somebody doesn't agree on one particular candidate does not make that person an enemy, a squish, a RINO, or a Rulming Class Beltwayed elitist. ANd it is sick, sick, sick to sling around accusations like that at erstwhile allies who have been with the conservativ movement through thick and thin. I stayed out of the O'Donnell debate until others starting attacking not just Castle (which was fine as long as the attacks stuck to his record), but also attacked those proven conservative columnists who dared offer reservations about O'Donnell. I will always rush in to the defense of friends who have been wronged. As I do, I will NOT attack the motives of the other erstwhile friends who have unfortunately done the attacking. I urge other conservatives to allow debates among friends without attacking those friends. We are fighting for our country here. And M.K. Ham is due credit for adding a voice of reason.

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