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By on 9.17.10 | 5:29PM

Glad to be on the same side as Jeff again. What is WITH these people, these spoilsports, these pathetic so-called moderates? For Lisa Murkowski to run a write-in campaign with virtually no chance of winning, but with every chance of throwing the election to the Democrat, continues a trend that shows that too many Beltway Republicans of the "moderate" persuasion have no class, no sense of public service, but merely a sense of selfish entitlement. These people are to sore losers was Michelangelo was to sculptors; they are the standard by which sore losership is to be judged. If mere words could wound them, I would sling words their way so harsh as to make them beg for mercy.

Let's review the tape: Scozzafava clearly was poised to lose in New York -- so she endorsed the Democrat out of sheer spite and caused the conservative, Hoffman, to lose. Charlie Crist saw that he was losing, so he took his ball and ran away. Ditto for Arlen Specter. U.S. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest in Maryland lost the primary and actually endorsed Democrat Frank Kratovil. And the examples go on and on.

(None of these are cases like that of Joe Lieberman, where there was A) a major principle on a major national issue at stake, as in the Iraq War, and B) where lack of a viable oppo party candidate made Lieberman a favorite for election as an independent rather than a mere spoiler.)

What holds all these instance together is they are examples of sheer spitefulness, of egomania and a mentality of being entitled to the job, of "if I'm going down than I'm taking everybody in my party with me," and of actually handing office, clearly so, to somebody FARTHER away from your own SUPPOSED or stated principles than is the person whose campaigns these poor sports are trying to ruin.

I cannot find enough words to express my contempt for Lisa Murkowski right now. I cannot find words to express how despicable she is. Nobody has to like losing. But losing with so little class and so much bitterness and spite -- and without having fought for any discernible principle other than the idea that public office is yours by right -- is to show that one is not just a loser in politics, but in character too. And it seems to be a trait somehow inbred in the political genetics of GOP Beltway moderates.

For shame, Ms. Murkowski. For shame.

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