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Cornyn Calls Holder “Shameful” re Military Vote Issue

By on 9.16.10 | 5:47PM

An exclusive from the Washington Times. "The DoJ has so far provided only incomplete information," wrote Sen. Cornyn, re: the Justice Department's failure to show adequate interest in protecting the ability of overseas military personnel to vote. He writes that DoJ has been "hiding behind vague departmental policies." And: "The disenfranchisement of military voters must come to an end.  If it is allowed to continue, it will represent a shameful failure to honor the heroic service of those who defend America." Do read the whole letter over at the Wash Times. It is strong stuff. 

Meanwhile, purely coincidentally, the great Deroy Murdock's newest column, just out an hour ago, is also on the same topic, except BEFORE Cornyn sent his letter. Read Deroy's column here. Little did he know, probably, that his column would prove so timely. Those are the instincts of a great columnist!

Murdock gets to the heart of the matter, and of the dastardly and inexcusably political calculations at work at DoJ, in this paragraph:

Why is the normally hyperactive Obama Administration somewhere between drowsy and counterproductive on this matter? Could this concern the fact that military voters lean more Republican than Democrat? An Gallup Poll in April found that Americans consider themselves 26 percent Republican, 29 percent Democrat, and 42 percent independent. Meanwhile, a survey of 1,800 active-duty troops in the April 11 Military Times discovered that these GIs were 41 percent Republican, 27 percent Democrat, and 32 percent independent. Since military voters likelier support Republican candidates and causes, perhaps President Obama's Justice Department just isn't that into defending the voting rights of overseas combatants.

This should be a full-blown scandal, folks.

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