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Obama is a p***k. Now ban me.

By on 9.13.10 | 4:32PM

The ever-vigilant Michelle Malkin has the report, with some internal links. I'll pretend I don't know what the stars stand for, but whatever it is, I'll call Obama that just to test my free-speech rights. Is DHS gonna deport me? Or if I travel abroad, will the jackboots refuse to let me back into the country? I dare the jerks.

Meanwhile, I hereby offer to pay for an economy-class round-trip airline ticket, if secured far enough in advance to get a decent price, for Luke Angel to come visit the United States. I'm serious about this. Young Mr. Angel would have to pay for his own lodging, but I'll pay for reasonable air fare. Let's test DHS and see if they will make good on their ludicrous decision.

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