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Dirty, Sexy, Terrible

By on 9.13.10 | 11:13AM

Leon Wolf has written a review of Meghan McCain's Dirty, Sexy Politics that would, in a just world, end Miss McCain's career in journalism. 

During the course of his really comprehensive criticism of all things Meghan McCain, Wolf hints at something that I've wondered about before: 

The most obvious problem with Dirty, Sexy Politics is that grammatically, the book appears to be the work of a high school sophomore.  To be more accurate, it appears to be the first draft of an essay written for a high school English class; the one turned in before the teacher makes all the pretty red marks in the margin that helpfully keep students from turning in final papers riddled with comma abuse, sentence fragments, and incorrect punctuation.  Each subsequent page of this book contains one grisly crime against the English language after another....

That a graduate of Columbia University, as Ms. McCain purports to be, produced writing this shoddy is bad; that a publishing company let this authorial abortion go to print is an insult to the collective self-worth of our thinking nation....

One would think hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Ms. McCain's education (Columbia University FTW!) would have somehow resulted in a basic understanding of the colon and semicolon, but alas - no such luck. [Emphasis mine.]

Though she apparently doesn't realize it, McCain's writing is an embarrassment -- for her, for her dad, for her readers, etc. Most of all, though, it's an embarrassment for the Dean of Arts and Science at Columbia who handed Miss McCain her diploma. 

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