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Is Obama Done?

By on 9.10.10 | 2:37PM

Jim: I thought that's who you had in mind when you asked if Favre was done. For all I know, Obama's press conference is still going on. It's just went on and on, and he showed no inclination to move on with the rest of his presidency. I'll have to read the transcript to make some sense of this filibuster. It kind of reminded me of Bill Clinton's endless State of the Union post-Lewinsky. A president in trouble and without friends has only one recourse. He can count on his dog, and we now know Obama can't do that, or he can rely on his mouth. Unfortunately for Obama, he's no Clinton when it comes to shooting the breeze. And his choice of words was clumsy. Tomorrow's 9/11 anniversary will be a "wonderful day" on which to remind ourselves of our nation's religious tolerance? "I've got" Muslim soldiers fighting in Afghanistan? We are one nation, under God, "and we may call that God different names…"? What other names did he have in mind? Alas, the presser didn't run long enough for him to tell us that.

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