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Castle Refuses Levin; Palin on Hannity for O’Donnell

By on 9.10.10 | 10:47AM

As this Ruling Class versus Country Class battle picks up speed, two interesting developments in the Castle-O'Donnell Delaware donnybrook, written about nearby.

Yesterday, the Country Class Sarah Palin went on the Country Class Sean Hannity Show to endorse the Country Class Christine O' Donnell over the Ruling Class Mike Castle in the Delaware U.S. Senate primary.

And thus far, the Ruling Class Castle has refused to accept an invitation from the Country Class Mark Levin Show to discuss his Senate race.

Both moments are clues to the status of different players in the increasingly vehement rebellion that every poll in America is picking up.

The refusal to go on the Levin show is particularly telling on Castle's part. If one is about getting elected to wield power for power's sake, the absolute last place one would want to be is on a show dedicated to conservative principles -- which is precisely what Levin is all about. 

Castle's fear of appearing with Levin recalls William F. Buckley's famous response as to why a prominent liberal of the 1960s -- then-Senator Robert F. Kennedy -- had refused to appear on Buckley's television show Firing Line to debate the issues of the day. Replied Buckley with that famous mischievous grin: "Why does baloney reject the grinder?"


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