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Burning Man

By on 9.9.10 | 5:28PM

OK, so a different sort of combustion has sucked the oxygen out of the discussion room for the moment but, appropos of an earlier post of mine today, and the idiocy of touting windmills and solar panels to "reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil", what about our developing dependence on foreign sources of gas? Should Pennsylvania allow and encourage drilling for natural gas? It isn't complicated. But that' the subject of a poll which, if it turns out wrong, will surely find some use in the debate.

Thanks to technological advances and enormous discoveries we have a century of natural gas. If we are allowed to produce it. So EPA and (certain of) the states have come after it to squelch the new supplies before they guarantee that energy and feedstock needed by many domestic industries remain affordable and diminish the grave threat of the establishment's war on coal, for a long period of time.

If you have an opinion, vote. It's good practice for later.

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