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Yes, I Hope Obama Fails

By on 9.9.10 | 3:26PM

Barack Obama now is indignant about conservatives allegedly hoping he fails -- as if that's a bad thing! "They're making the same calculation they made just before the inauguration: If I fail, they win," he said. "Well, they might think this will get them where they need to go in November, but it won't get our country where it needs to go in the long run."

Well, everything but the last clause is true, at least as far as this conservative, yours truly, is concerned. But let's be clear about how we want Obama to fail. Of course we hope he succeeds in doing things that will help this nation. We hope that his presidency leaves us stronger, freer, more secure, more prosperous, and less subject to social pathologies. Yet in order for this to happen, we believe he must fail in almost every one of his current pursuits. I believe that if Obama fails politically on the current course, the country will be better off. I want him to succeed for Americans by failing at his current course and then reversing course and succeeding on that new course. Since he does not seem inclined to do that, though, I hope he fails. It is precisely by him failing that we will "get our country where it needs to go in the long run." Obama seems to conflate his agenda with the only possible way to right the ship of state. He seems to believe that "l'etat, c'est moi." He's dead wrong.

So I do hope he fails. I hope he fails in making government bigger and more powerful. I hope he fails at passing any more stimulus or infrastructure spending. I hope he fails at his payoffs to union bosses and jackpot justice big-money plaintiffs' attorneys. I hope he fails at politicizing and corrupting the Justice Department. I hope he fails in almost all of his over-bearing regulatory schemes and administrative end-runs (some of them arguably illegal) around Congress. I hope he fails at raising taxes. I hope he fails at continuing to destroy what's left of the 1996 welfare reform bill. I hope he fails at subjugating American interests to the desires of supposedly elite international actors. I hope he fails at "transforming" America, which needs no transformation at all. I hope he fails, fails, fails, fails, fails. And the reason I hope he fails is not so somebody else can gain political advantage, but so the United States can thrive again -- free from the shackles imposed by a philosophical alien in the White House. Yes, Mr. President, in that sense I hope you fail.

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