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Yikes! Sarah and Glenn Charge for Alaska 9/11 Event?

By on 9.8.10 | 11:58PM

Oh man.

I understand the need to pay for expenses and such.

But, well, Holy Cow.

CBS News is reporting that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are hosting a 9/11 event and…take a seat…charging money! 

Says the CBS Hotsheet Report, , replete with link to the Ticketmaster page:

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are appearing together in Anchorage, Alaska Saturday to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and tickets don't come cheap: The Ticketmaster page for the event lists regular adult tickets at between $73 and $130 and tickets plus a "meet & greet" at $225.

Say it ain't what it appears to be. I, for one, don't believe it until I know details that Palin does not provide on her Facebook page.

But if it is what it appears…a for-profit event using their collective celebrity -- and I can't imagine that it is…some PR type has goofed big time. There has got to be a rational explanation for this and released pronto. Unless every single dime of this event after expenses is going to a 9/11 charity or some such, whoever came up with this idea and let it out there without a massive PR explanation that the money is not for Beck or Palin should be, well, let's start with horsewhipped.

Opening Palin and Beck to this kind of easily foreseeable left-wing criticism is just heedless. That's Ruling Class talk for dumb.

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