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Climate, from the Beginning

By on 9.8.10 | 10:15AM

CATO's website is hosting the entirety of the recent "Hannity" special here. I participated in the production, and in so doing was impressed by the piles of books on the producers' desks, which they said they read prior to interviewing any of us. Speaking to them further, it was clear this was so. In other words, they came to the production having done homework, as opposed to with a predetermined outcome.

The show reflects this immersion. As I wrote to the producers after viewing it, it is a thorough and well-produced. Most importantly, there is much background, footage and many quotes you may not have encountered, including some which are proof positive that what you have been told is nonsense and just part of the accepted political narrative.

Oh, and yes, it places into further relief the arrogance of the members of the political class who stand by their vote for cap-and-trade as they seek re-election or, ahem, higher office.

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