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Pawlenty on Healthcare: Thanks, but No Thanks

By on 9.1.10 | 3:30PM

Governor Tim Pawlenty still hasn't announced his 2012 Presidential plans, but one thing's for sure: He doesn't want to see Obama's healthcare plan set foot in Minnesota.  AP reports yesterday he ordered state agencies to decline "discretionary" involvement with the federal law "unless otherwise required by law or approved by the Governor's office."

Pawlenty's long been vehemently opposed to the President's plan and in this op-ed in the Washington Post, laid out his suggestions for the nation, modeled after, you guessed it: Minnesota. They include incentives, pay for performance, and liability reform.

Of course, some are saying this is just his way of projecting himself into the national spotlight for a 2012 race, so he could, in theory, go head to head with Governor Mitt Romney.

Time will tell.

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