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Re: Death Panels

By on 8.27.10 | 1:50PM

I thank Joe Lawler for bringing to our attention the absolutely superb explanation of the "death panel" issue by Avik Roy. Roy is directly on target.

For much more on this subject, I recommend the following links from the Washington Times and elsewhere. The NY Times correctly (for once) noted in one of their pieces that the "death panel" worries (but not by that name) first originated with the WashTimes, then were highlighted by Rush Limbaugh, and only then by Sarah Palin, who had the good political instincts to hang a name on the problem that was sure to send the left into a tizzy.

Anyway, apparently this item did not make the final cut in the law as passed, thank goodness. I believe this one still is. The conversation got jump-started here. This is also of concern. As is this. And this.

Maybe "death panel" is too strong a phrase for what will be happening. How about "faceless, bureaucratic, rules of coerced death" intead? What -- too much of a mouthful? How about "Death by bureaucracy" instead?

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