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I’m Warming to Sarah Palin

By on 8.25.10 | 10:34AM

Readers of this site know that I have been complimentary of Sarah Palin's basic political values, but critical of her experience and some of her political moves. Well, I'm warming to her politics. If Joe Miller holds on to his apparent upset over Lisa Murkowski in the Senate race in Alaska, it will not only be one of the biggest upsets in memory but it also will clearly be attributable to Palin's efforts and her power. And while everything I have ever heard suggests that Murkowski is a good and decent lady, she clearly is not at all as conservative a senator as Alaska would gladly support. There is nothing to dislike about her other than a number of her votes -- but those votes make her worthy of being defeated. If Joe Miller wins, as it looks like he will (pending absentee ballots), it will prove to be a huge advance for the conservative cause. And it will be an advance due almost entirely to Sarah Palin. Bravo to Sarah Barracuda!

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