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Stop The Presses! Hagel for Sestak!

By on 8.24.10 | 11:01AM

Stop the presses!

Forget the Ground Zero Mosque

Have you heard? Have you heard?

Holey Moley! Former Republican Senator from Nebraska Chuck Hagel is here in Pennsylvania today to endorse…Democratic Senate nominee Congressman Joe Sestak!

Yes! Yes! It's true! It's true!

It's just amazing! The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia has been put back to work, its chimes heard all over the state! Men, women and children have been swarming into the streets everywhere from Altoona to Aliquippa weeping copious tears of joy! Eagles are lying down with Steelers and the Phillies have told the Pirates there will be war no more!

The ex-conservative ex-Senator who lost so much popularity in Nebraska he couldn't run for re-election will be swarmed today in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as he announces his endorsement for Sestak. Hagel, un-re-electable in his own state, is being held up as a role model for Independents like Congressman Joe! Catch that subtle shift? Once fiercely proclaiming he was a "progressive," Sestak is now stapling his future to a new found claim of independence. There is that troubling devotion to the Pelosi agenda, but hey…if labeling oneself as an Independent worked so well for Hagel in Nebraska, just think what it could do for Joe Sestak!


The only people in Pennsylvania who know Hagel remember him vaguely as the dialectic guy who hung out with Marx. Groucho and Chuck. What a pair.


This is big news from the Sestak campaign? A cheese steak could draw a bigger crowd in Pennsylvania than Hagel. And doubtless has somewhere today already.

The GOP's Pat Toomey, leading in the polls, is surely having an excellent laugh.

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