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No Honor Among Thieves

By on 8.23.10 | 9:03AM

A congressional candidate was robbed in Miami.  Reports the Washington Times:

Police in North Miami say a Democratic congressional candidate was robbed at gunpoint Saturday while waiting to make a campaign appearance at a church.

Police Lt. Neal Cuevas said that the candidate, Marleine Bastien, was in a car Saturday with her sister outside the Church of the Living God when another car pulled up along side them. A man got out, opened the driver's door and demanded the women give him their purses and threatened to kill them.

Now, no one can support thieves lifting the purses of congressional candidates.  But the (private) crook might have acted preemptively.  After all, if elected, Ms. Bastien will be constantly stealing purses and wallets from the rest of us.  The robber might have figured that he should get a little of his money back ahead of time when he had the chance.

A pity.  These days there just isn't any honor among thieves.

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