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McCarthy, Wash Times Argue Against Mosque

By on 8.11.10 | 9:59AM

At NRO, Andy McCarthy launches from a Washington Times editorial to make further points about a State Department sponsorship of a foreign trip by the sponsor of the Ground Zero mosque. Andy's last paragraph hits the ball out of the park:

Someone in Congress needs to get to the bottom of whether this government is also underwriting Islamic religious institutions, and doing so in violation of U.S. law. And wholly apart from questions of legality and utility, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states Rauf is visiting are swimming in petro-dollars — why can’t they fund icons of Islamic supremacism on their own . . . maybe using the money they’d otherwise spend on the hate literature they produce for American Islamic centers?

It is indisputably a good thing for Americans to welcome and promote moderate Muslims (if they truly are moderate). It is absolutely obnoxious for the U.S. government to use American tax dollars to directly underwrite religious proselyzation -- especially by somebody whose hands may not really be clean.

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