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DISH Taken Over

By on 8.10.10 | 10:04AM

Imagine turning on your television set in the morning and there is a Mullah offering prayer in Arabic!

You turn to the next channel and there are Chinese, speaking Chinese. The NASA channel again is in a foreign language!

First thought: we have been taken over. Second thought: but, why in a couple of languages?

Finally, DISH TV admits they have gotten their TV receptions fouled up and are re-transmitting material from other countries! A technician assures me this will all get straightened out in "about an hour."

To my knowledge, this is a first. First time a network in the United States has allowed itself to be pre-empted by a foreign channel -- not one but by at least two -- and has been unable to disentangle itself!

Disturbing? Sure. I don't want the Dow Jones explicated in Arabic or in Mandarin. But what if there was an emergency, in America, and one that needed correction or direction in English?

We could be done in.

How easy was it? Was it a simple mistake, or a little more, a little practice?

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