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Life’s A Moving (Political) Target

By on 8.6.10 | 4:11PM

The CEO of Target, Gregg Steinhafel, apologized to company leaders and employers today for donating to Minnesota Forward, a group which supports the leading Republican running for Governor of Minnesota, Tom Emmer.

Various Leftist groups in Minnesota, including LGBT groups (Emmer opposes gay marriage) called on consumers to aggressively boycott Target, the Minnesota-based company. And, like histrionic liberals that they are, enough happily did. So much so that Steinhafel said he'd "review Target's decision making process for financial contributions in the public policy arena."

It's unfortunate that Steinhafel cracked under the weight of some bad press (and perhaps, some pressure from inside the company). His predecessor, former long-time Target CEO, Bob Ulrich, was a known Republican and regular donor to local politicians, a la Governor Tim Pawlenty.

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