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Merry Christmas, Thugs

By on 12.28.05 | 9:56AM

A mediator in the strike approached Mayor Bloomberg about

... having the MTA drop its demand that new workers increase their contribution to the pension fund in exchange for having workers pay more towards health-care costs. After first rejecting the idea, the mayor came to support it.

Why should it surprise us that New York Mayor Bloomberg caved to union demands?
Last week's three-day transit strike was estimated to have cost New York City businesses about $1 billion and caused a public transit nightmare for New York bus and subway commuters.

That's why. The union had already overstayed its welcome in the first strike, and few were blaming the mayor; with the the costs mounting, Bloomberg would have had excellent ammo to show that all the union was interested in was stealing money from New York business in one form or another. New Yorkers themselves had little sympathy once they found out how much these folks were earning -- upwards of $55,000 and benefits.

Now, the workers will enjoy raises of 3, 4 and 3.5 percent during the next three years. But hey, it's not Bloomberg's money.

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