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Ron Paul and Liberal Republicans

By on 7.28.10 | 4:11PM

David Frum has a post talking about liberal Republican support for Ron Paul in a recent poll of New Hampshire GOP primary voters. Although Paul's conservative supporters would say the Good Doctor is self-evidently more right-wing than Newt Gingrich, that's pretty consistent with the exit poll results from the 2008 primary. I made note of the data in my review of Bill Kauffman's Ain't My America for Reason (skip to the third paragraph).

Of course, Ron Paul wasn't the top choice of liberal Republicans in New Hampshire. That honor went to the winner of the New Hampshire primary and the eventual 2008 GOP nominee: John McCain. (Incidentally, I think Mitt Romney's lead in the early New Hampshire polls probably reflects his roots as a New England governor and McCain's absence from the race more than it says anything about his perceived economic competence, though there could be some data that proves me wrong.)

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