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Re: Jeff Lord, John Tabin, and Phil Klein

By on 7.26.10 | 1:53PM

Let me preface this by saying that I think Jeff Lord is usually fantastic. He does absolutely wonderful work, and he is a prince of a guy. But I must say that I agree with Phil Klein and John Tabin that Jeff's column today is.... well.... off base. If a murder is not a "lynching," it is still a murder. And I also find it odd to somehow tie Richard Russell into it all. Just because Russell and Black were racists who otherwise were political lefties doesn't mean there weren't powerful people who were racists and political conservatives. I just don't get Jeff's point, sorry to say. A murder is murder is a murder and a racist is a racist is a racist. Evil is evil, and it is for all intents and purposes indivisible. Of all the things to criticize Ms. Sherrod for, this is not one of them. With all due respect.

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