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The Day Ahead: Thursday, July 22, 2010

By on 7.22.10 | 7:18AM

Today on the Main Site:

The Natural Gas Man by Philip Klein: T. Boone Pickens explains why America should embrace natural gas to end our dependence on foreign fuel.

As Easy As A to Z by W. James Antle, III: Republicans should be simple but specific about spending cuts.

The Character of Unemployment by Ben Stein: My response to an underemployed critic and to the blogger community.

Romanoff Pledges Cooperation With Issa Jobsgate Probe by Jeffrey Lord: Appearing on Denver talk show, Senate candidate moves Jobsgate story forward.

Summer Books by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Cool reading even on a sultry day.

On the Farm by Bill Croke: The summer of 40 years ago.

Death by Interview by Christopher Orlet: So what is your greatest weakness?

What to Watch for: 

Regulatory fight over Consumer Agency looms (WSJ) 

Workers on rig expressed concern before explosion (NY Times) 

Three of every four oil and gas lobbyists worked for the federal government (Washington Post) 

Sherrod offered new job, unsure whether to accept (CNN) 

House set to vote on jobless benefits bill (AP) 

Clip of the Day:

Obama signs financial reform into law:

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