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The Day Ahead: Thursday, July 19, 2010

By on 7.19.10 | 9:35AM

Today on the Main Site: 

In Joco Jobitas by Andrew B. Wilson: How the Obama Administration is able to report accelerating job growth in a stagnant economy.

Perverse Democrats by The Prowler: Donald Berwick wastes no time. Plus: Meet the Democrats' richest sex offender.

Discretionary Defense by Jed Babbin: There's one entitlement the U.S. cannot do without.

Charlie Drills for Votes by Larry Thornberry: An oily hustle from an oily hustler.

The End of Wishful Thinking by Ben Stein: A special Recession Diary edition.

News Quiz #3 by Daniel Oliver: In a bogus world, what story isn't bogus?

Oro y Plata by Reid Collins: Montana proposes to teach children from first grade on about sex and homosexuality.

What to Watch for: 

Top Secret America intelligence community 2 year investigation over at Washington Post

Obama to slam GOP on jobless relief (Politico) 

China becomes top energy consumer in world (WSJ)

Fears rise about seep in sea floor under oil well (AP)  

British author of death penalty book detained in Singapore (BBC News) 

Clip of the Day:

Clint Webb for U.S. Senate:  

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