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Dave Weigel and the Left’s ‘Message Discipline’

By on 7.16.10 | 10:06AM

In discussing the efforts of Media Matters to suppress conservative messages, I was reminded of a theory that continues to intrigue me:

Remember Liz Mair's theory that David Weigel's Journolist e-mails were made public because Weigel had dared to dispute the Left's narrative that portrayed Rand Paul as a racist. Weigel wasn't toeing the line. He hadn't cooperated in the Meme-O'-th'-Day agenda and, by speaking out, had helped kill the meme that Democrats were employing to tremendous advantage. Was that why he became the Luca Brasi of MSM reporters?

Of course, Weigel isn't "sleeping with the fishes," but he's no longer employed by the Washington Post, and so the message of this leak from a progressive mailing list -- "Don't cross us, or bad things could happen to you" -- is still effective. Some of my conservative friends who hate Weigel seem oblivious to the potential significance of this clue about how the Left punishes dissent in the mainstream media.

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