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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

By on 7.14.10 | 8:39AM

Today on the Main Site: 

Debating Groucho's War by Jed Babbin: The level of debate on the war in Afghanistan has sunk to new lows.

He's Playing You by Peter Ferrara: Welcome to another edition of Obama's Fables.

Who's Sorry Now? by RiShawn Biddle: Former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes wants his old job back so badly that he's abandoned the one issue that made him exceptional.

The Audacity Against Arizona by Aaron Goldstein: You might say the administration's contempt for rule of law is self-profiling.

Shocking the Bourgeoisie by Roger Scruton: Worn-out gestures of rebellion before an audience that long ago lost the capacity for outrage.

Hot Fun in the Summertime by Lisa Fabrizio: Just don't give me an All-Star break.

The Freedom Agenda by Brian C. Anderson: Arthur Brooks has written a fierce and necessary manifesto.

What to Watch for: 

Senate Foreign Relations Committee releases previously classified Vietnam era testimony (Politico) 

Fed predicts slower growth (WSJ)

Iranian scientist heads home (NY Times)  

History is repeating, Valdez investigators say (Washington Post) 

BP delays crucial cap test (Reuters)

Clip of the Day:  

Harry Reid: illegal aliens don't work in Nevada; despite Pew Center report finding it has highest percentage of undocumented workers in the country!

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