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Pro-Lifers Call for Senate Investigation of Kagan Testimony

By on 7.1.10 | 8:39PM

The Senate should investigate "discrepancies" between Elena Kagan's testimony Wednesday and the record of her Clinton-era involvement in the partial-birth abortion controversy, a leading pro-life activist said Thursday.

"I urge this Committee to officially investigate the discrepancies that have arisen this week between Ms. Kagan's testimony and the written record about her actions related to lobbying the American Medical Association [AMA] and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [ACOG] during her tenure in the Clinton White House," Americans United for Life (AUL) president Charmaine Yoest said in her own testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Philip Klein reported Wednesday on the exchange between Kagan and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), during which the Supreme Court nominee denied attempting to pressure ACOG into changing its medical opinion on partial-birth abortion. Shannen W. Coffin reported on the 1996 ACOG memos at National Review, while AUL reported that Kagan had also lobbied the AMA on the issue.

Yoest sent an e-mail Thursday to more than a quarter-million pro-life activists urging them to contact their senators and urge an investigation of Kagan's testimony.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports, Democrats have used the Kagan hearings for fund-raising.

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