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More Bad Gulf News “Leaking” for Obama

By on 6.22.10 | 1:58PM

I received an email from Capitol Hill noting:

"You might be interested in the attached provisions of the Obama budget released in February 2010, which include proposed funding cuts for Minerals Management Service (MMS) environmental reviews [$2 million].  As you know, MMS is the agency which reviews and approves oil drilling permits.

The budget also proposes to cut 1,100 U.S. Coast Guard positions, in addition to ships, aircraft and helicopters [safety and security teams]."

The email proceeds to offer screen shot images from the budget which my technical prowess is not allowing me to transfer, but which indeed read:

·        The FY 2011 President's Budget requests $9.86 billion for the Coast Guard - which is a 0.24% decrease from the FY 2010 enacted level of $9.88 billion.

·        Coast Guard asset cuts include decommissioning 4 of the service's largest cutters; removing 5 HH-65 helicopters from service; eliminating 5 of 12 Maritime Safety and Security Teams; and reassigning 4 HH-60 helicopters & eliminating their work in drug law enforcement and anti-terrorism response.

All while massively expanding government. This must be Bush's fault. You can read it all here.

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