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By on 6.21.10 | 11:13AM

So the Washington Post reports that reinstituting the Superfund tax will be the Obama administration's next Power Grab -- "next", as in while they prepare to cram-down the cap-and-tax scam, which we now understand is to simply be "conferenced-in" with a Senate 'energy' [sic] bill in a post-election lame duck session (and, ahem, conference reports may not be filibustered).

The administration's claim, parroted by the Post, is of course that this will ensure the taxpayer stops funding the program. Because, you know, when they tax "big business", that means the taxpayer doesn't end up paying (see cap-and-trade causing "electricity rates [to] necessarily skyrocket"). So that's about as honest as the Senate passing the latest "comprehensive energy bill" in order to get cap-and-trade while claiming during the fall campaign that they didn't vote for it.

No. This is just a way to get more revenue. Amusingly, Bill Clinton called Superfund the worst law ever written. More amusing still is that Al Gore claims he wrote it. Though none of these tax increases are really all that funny.

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