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Angle Ad Hits Reid on Negative Campaigning

By on 6.21.10 | 5:59AM

Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle today released thefirst web ad of her general election campaign against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, criticizing him for going negative at a time when the nation is facing so many serious problems.

Reid's poll numbers have been stuck in the high 30s/low 40s, a difficult position for an incumbent with universal name recognition. Hiis only hope is to define Angle -- early -- as an extremist, driving up her negatives.

This new web ad is an effort to expose Reid for going negative so early, and to raise money to respond to his attacks. Here's the transcript, with the video below:

Unemployment has skyrocketed. Billions in bailouts to Wall Street millionaires with little to show for it. The national debt reaching critical mass. Iran close to going nuclear. The Gulf Coast submerged in oil. And the Majority Leader of the Senate moves quickly into action -- not with solutions, but by attacking his opponent.

Within hours of Sharron Angle becoming the nominee to face Reid in November, Reid launched a brutal advertising assault that is a slap in the face to all Americans. Not only is Reid not offering solutions to our problems, he's using special interest money to throw mud and try to tear down his opponent. America deserves better.

If you care more about sound ideas than negative sound bites, if you think it's time to end the bailouts, end the power of the special interests, and, above all, take back the America we love, then please visit and contribute today -- and do it before Harry Reid attacks again.

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