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Thursday’s Senate Vote Matters

By on 6.8.10 | 4:38PM

See my piece here explaining how and why.

EPA's stunt -- and any senator not throwing him or herself in EPA's way -- is precisely what I mean by "Power Grab".

To the extent this vote is any different than were it on whether to pass cap-and-trade legislation, it is more serious, because, as I note, even the Left openly admit the disaster that using the sledgehammer of a law never designed for such a purpose will bring. But they are willing to play chicken with your country.

Shame on them. And shame on any self-styled "moderate" like Mark Warner of Virginia, David Pryor of Arkansas, or Scott Brown of Massachussetts who -- as the slim evidence at our disposal indicates will be the case -- votes against Murkowski, and to allow EPA to shred the Constitution.

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