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And Bob’s Your Uncle

By on 6.2.10 | 7:15PM

On Wednesday President Obama gave the latest in a series of speeches to show his friends in the media that he is, too, angry and engaged about the Gulf oil spill; he's so upset that he's willing to use the Gulf spill as the latest excuse for him to do what he's been trying without success to do!

Profiles in Courage has nothing on a man who uses this occasion to bravely cite the spill as proof that how the country must finally succumb to his "cap-and-trade" scheme taxing the carbon content of and, through a quota system, rationing energy sources that work. It is safe to assume that this also means copying -- as the president himself said on eight occasions -- Spain's now bankrupt and admittedly bankrupting model of forcing us onto those energy sources that don't.

If the logic is a little hazy, here's a translation:

On Wednesday President Obama faced the reality that he and those sharing his agenda and beleifs cannot make their "global warming" case, that after billions of taxpayer dollars trying to make it stronger they only find themselves in a deeper hole of public resistance. So he lapsed into saying that a company's negligence and governmental incompetence finally, somehow, provide that elusive reason to cede lifestyle decisions great and small to the state, through a scheme that is according to all parties climatically meaningless. But that's ok, the issue's not "global warming" anymore.

You see, the public aren't buying "global warming", so the issue is no longer the issue. It never was anyway. The issue is whatever might work. So far, the Senate's global warming bill has been called "not an environment bill" by Sen. John Kerry, who instead says it's a jobs bill, and a national security bill. Yeah, that's it.

And, now, it is an I'm-mad-and-engaged-lookout-world bill.

President Obama is trying to make some lemonade out of a crisis whose worsening state he takes responsibility for. So, we were told, let it serve as the liberating influence for the state to finally prevail over those stubborn laws of physics, and bring about what the profit motive (and Europe's own disastrous run with cap-and-trade) failed to.

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