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And You Thought a Pickled Employee Was Bad!!!

By on 5.31.10 | 11:03AM

Everybody in journalism at one time or another misses a typo and lets it into print. It just happens. I once was saved at the very last minute from having published something about a health department's division of public affairs that left the 'l' out of public. Now comes a great column by my charming fellow New Orleanian Lurita Doan, a one-time victim of the lib hit gangs and establishment media when she headed the General Services Administration under George W. Bush. Anyway, the column talks about how the Obama obsequiousness to unions certainly didn't help the performance of the Minerals Management Service. But what caught my eye was this sentence: "What the White House will not do is hold accountable onionized federal employees that have performed poorly."

Yes, you read that right. Onionized employees. I wonder if this will lead to the White House being peppered with questions? Did it make it hard for somebody to de-liver the bad news to Obama? The column says some workers were on drugs, but were any of them merely pickled with alcohol instead? And if the employees are onionized, does that mean that the other employees not so afflicted are running rings around them? And if you try to lay them off, is it you who cries when you cut them? With all of these possibilies running around in my head, I think my brain is getting fried....

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